ThisWeekNews is blocking comments criticizing the mayor’s insolence… at the mayor’s request.  Try to leave a negative comment yourself here.

Reporters of the past stood up to corrupt government officials, and did follow-up stories to correct any lies told to them and us.

This is not the case today.

The assistant editor at, Scott F. Hummel, allowed a blatant lie told by Mayor McCloud to be published, and is now keeping reporters from fulfilling their constitutional duty.  Hummel refuses to publish corrections and is actively keeping the facts on this web site from being shared.

Scott Hummel, Assistant Managing Editor, Digital 740-888-6057

Scott Hummel, Assistant Managing Editor, Digital,

To avoid publishing the truth, Hummel claimed – in the following email message – that the fully-documented facts on this site contain “personal accusations.”  (He fails to give any examples.)


Hummel then claimed – in the following email message – that he is not obligated to give any reason for keeping these facts from the public; insisting that mere facts can be considered “inflammatory.”  (He ignored that – the owners of this public blog site – cleared it with their attorneys for publication, and that Reynoldsburg officials failed to acquire court orders to shut down this site for the reasons he specified.)


Hummel continues to block any discussion of the facts in their commentary sections, and refuses to let the original reporters follow-up on the corruption story.

The Reporters:

Scott Gerfen 610WTVN

Scott Gerfen, 610WTVN

Paul Aker WBNS 10

Paul Aker, WBNS 10

Hummel’s Cohorts:

Don Cason, Editor,

Don Cason, Editor,

Stefanie Hauck, Web Producer 740-888-6059

Stefanie Hauck, Web Producer,

Sandy Wallace, Assistant Managing Editor, Reynoldsburg

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Alex Cason <>
To: Rudolph


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