Reynolds-Riley, Nicole

Just a model for the new uniforms.

Nicole Reynolds-Riley #148

D.O.B.: 1981

2012 salary: $65,000.00 ($101,884.00 after benefits)

While her partner, Kiser, flopped around on the ground searching for his taser cartridge, she was unable to fend off the one perp who sent her to Mt. Carmel East with a chipped tooth and a black eye.  It is a legitimate question to ask if she will be able to defend us.


One Response to “Reynolds-Riley, Nicole”

  1. BUD/S October 19, 2012 at 1:20 am #

    I remember this b***h.

    When I complained about a disturbance, she took sides and turned her ire against me. When she saw that Kiser couldn’t possibly take me on, Nicole spouted unprofessional expletives, and kept her hand on her gun. (I do believe this action was the result of longstanding penis envy.)

    Thanks for the information.

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