Mistress History

They wanted us to believe this all started with a jilted girlfriend just recently.

What else are they hiding?

Officer Downing began “dating” both his future-wife and his future-mistress at Youngstown State University; switching between these sex partners ever since then.  (The future-mistress earned her Bachelor’s degree in Bio-Chemistry.)

Downing worked at the Cleveland Prosecutor’s office, and eventually for the Cleveland Heights police.  His future-mistress worked at the Cleveland Clinic and helped to pay for Downing’s police academy training.

Downing married Heather F*** while continuing an off-and-on sexual relationship with the mistress.

Downing and his mistress buy matching Springfield XD 40 caliber handguns; one of them was used during the 2012 incident.

The mistress moved to Columbus and was engaged to another man.

September 2007
Downing followed his mistress to Franklin County.  The mistress helped Downing with his Reynoldsburg police test and filled out a 15 page recommendation form.  They continue their sexual relationship; sending texts and email messages back-and-forth while Downing was on duty and the mistress worked at the Ohio State University.  Downing takes his mistress on department-approved ride-a-longs.

Downing moves out of his Blacklick condominium and brings his wife down to live together in Alexandria.  The “love triangle” continues with Downing’s promises of an eventual divorce-filing.

Downing and his mistress take a shooting-trip together to Athens County.  Downing’s fellow officer, Joseph E. Vincent, accompanies the couple on this trip.  (Officer Vincent often goes to lunch with them while off-duty.  Officer Vincent M. Scalmato, an acquaintance from the Cleveland Heights area, also has knowledge of Downing’s affairs.)  Downing later sends a text to his mistress communicating his wish to be killed while on duty.


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