Mayor McCloud

And, now the local media is helping the mayor’s cover-up.

What corruption?

Mayor Bradley L. McCloud

Mayor Bradley L. McCloud
912 Rosehill Road
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
(614) 863-0968
(614) 864-6768

D.O.B.: 08-10-1961

2011 salary: $97,803.10 ($132,393.68 after benefits)

Read about the latest example of mayoral-excellence below:

December 28, 2011: Reynoldsburg police officer Daniel Downing’s extramarital affair brought down Reynoldsburg police chief David Suciu and placed three different law enforcement agencies in a position of danger.  McCloud lied about what and when he knew about it.  See the details here.

Governing Through Intimidation

Here is the eloquent message I received from our distinguished mayor – of “The City Of Respect” – after I warned the candidates for police chief about the corruption in our police force:

Scotty-Ya gotta understand-the mayor suffers from spoiled little boy syndrome.. Mommy has always given him everything including the houses he has lived in and the cars he has driven..Stepdad Gene Johnson is currently waiting trial for mortgage fraud-now what does all this leave one to work with? If anyone is testicularly challenged it is the mayor. The new chief will have to be a yes man with the mayors buddy in the seat as Safety Director. Bet one thing-the mayor will have his fingers in every investigation the police department undertakes.” ~ steve baughn (S47)


One Response to “Mayor McCloud”

  1. Gilbert July 11, 2013 at 12:07 pm #

    Just looking at McCloud’s picture, he looks like the kind of self-righteous windbag that would thrive in a den of uselessness and corruption like the Rednecksburg PD. Seriously, look at that smug smirk – you can tell he’s rich or someone would have wiped that off his face long ago. Keep slinging mud and bullying journalists McCloud, your true colors are showing through bright and clear.

    P.S. Suciu and Michele Fulton belong in prison.

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