James Hood

Posted courtesy of Mayor McCloud

jed hood 2

Mr. Hood:

Until you come clean about the mayor — and the others involved in the Downing cover-up — you will not be a Catholic in-good-standing. Your children will eventually learn what really happened, and then you will need to explain your silence. Just ask Monsignor Funk in the St. Pius X confessional what you should do. I asked for his advice, and he did not disapprove of this web site.

Columbus Dispatch Video

Columbus Dispatch Story

James Edward “Jed” Hood
8388 Lucerne Drive
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
(740) 868-8136
Office Number (614) 322-6803
Office Fax (614) 322-6874
(614) 277-4344
(614) 458-1170

8490 Landseer Drive
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
(614) 755-6366

D.O.B.: 07-17-1978


2011 salary: $97,803.10 ($132,393.68 after benefits)

The official duty of the City Attorney is to defend the public employees of Reynoldsburg from lawsuits —  whether the lawsuits are with or without merit.  And, of course, Reynoldsburg taxpayers end up footing the bill for this extraordinary benefit.

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