Mayor Bradley McCloud
“What did he know and when did he know it?”

Clerk of Courts Michael Kozanecki testified that he told Mayor McCloud about the Downing incident (December 27 & 28 of 2012) on the very day he and the mayor returned from vacation (January 3, 2013); just 6 days after the events.  McCloud lied to City Council, reporters and Reynoldsburg citizens saying, “I didn’t find out about this for nearly three weeks.”  (McCloud added that he was “disappointed by the lack of investigation” into the incident.)

March 7, 2012: Kozanecki Testimony (David Sturtz, McCloud’s Special Investigator.)

STURTZ: Mike [Kozanecki], how did you come into the information that you relayed to the Mayor?
KOZANECKI: I came back on Tuesday, the third… Leslie [Clark] came in at 8:00 am… I have female employees… They gossip.
KOZANECKI: Brad [McCloud] is my boss so I go up and I wanted to find out what is going on now.  (Laughing) it is human nature, I want the rest of the story…
KOZANECKI: So I went upstairs to get the rest of the gossip and I tell Brad and said, hey Brad what is going on with Downing and this woman and someone possibly getting shot.  He said, “What the hell are you talking about?”
KOZANECKI: I think he [McCloud] said he would talk to the Chief that day but I think he made the comment… Why is this an issue?  It is a personal domestic outside of work issue…
KOZANECKI: …when you bring your trash to the work place it becomes a work place [issue] Brad.  You have to make him [Chief Suciu] follow up on this Brad.
STURTZ: Right.  You gave him good advice.
KOZANECKI: Brad does not have a lot of experience as to law enforcement and I am sure you have seen… that administration can be intimidated by law enforcement leaders…

McCloud subsequently promoted Clerk of Courts Michael Kozanecki to the newly-created position of Safety Director – with a $20,000 raise – shortly after the Sturtz interview and shortly after Kozanecki’s wife donated to the McCloud mayoral campaign.  Leslie Clark was promoted to Clerk of Courts.


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